Web Page Designs

Welcome to the main part of our business!

This is what you have come for with your need to design the ideal web site to fit your business needs. Here at Two-Tone Designs, we run through a simple 7-Step process: consultation, research, drafting, samples, meeting, refinement, and revision. Allow us to walk you through each one of our steps in full detail.

Consultation: We consult the client on what you are looking for in a web site design. Think of this as trying to fit you into a new suit. We need to know what type of web site you are making. If you are making one for a store that you are hoping to branch out onto the internet, we will fit the design to match. The same can be done for author web sites, sites for your entertainment career, etc. We will take the time to talk our with you what you are looking for with your design. You can reach us for a consultation over the phone or via e-mail.

Research: Our next step is to research similar effective sites. Just like everything else in life, working to create a powerful and effective web site takes research. We take time to see what has worked with successful web sites in the past and do a comparison. We will take our results to you and let you pick out with design will work best for you. We will e-mail you our results in four to five business days. Once you have made your decision on what you want to go with in a design, we still begin with the exciting work of picking together your web site.

Drafting: We next draft what the client wants. This is where we take all of the information about your web site and start with the basic ground work. Keep in mind, this is a draft that we are presenting you with. We are just getting down the information and setting up what your web site will look like with your design of choice. You are free make bigger decision after you see the first draft of each page. Once we are finished with the draft of your web site will move onto the samples stage of our web designing process.

Samples: In this stage, we create several sample mockups. This is after everything is drafts and we put up what the actual designs will look like once we are finished. This is the stage where we look at what works and what doesn’t work. Once we have worked through the mockups and weeded out what doesn’t work for the client, we take out the once that meet your standards and present them to you.

Meeting: The next stage is to meet with, you, the client, to show the samples. We let you see the samples that we have produced for your web site. You get this chance to pick out which one of the samples work best for you. Once you select the sample that will work best for your web site, you can tell us all of the changes that you would like to see done for the finished product. Keep in mind, these are just samples that you will be seeing during our meetings. You can suggest the changes afterwards. You can set up when and where you would like to meet. We are willing to work with you to fit time into your schedule.

Refinement: The next step is to refine the samples that you, the client, like. Like we said in the previous step, you are free to suggest changes to the samples that you picked out. Let’s say, that you like a sample, but you don’t like the way the font or the background color looks. We are flexible with our work and will take the time to listen to the suggests that you would like to see done for the final results of your web site.

Revision: The final step is to revise as needed. We take your suggestions of change to your sample of choice and able to them. Once the revision stage is complete, we will present you with the finished product. We can do this and the previous steps as many times as you like until you are satisfied with the end results.

Price: Our service starts at $250.