Meet The Team

We are Anri and Harry, and we’ve been developing websites for six years now. The idea struck us to create minimalist sites after we visited an online casino and Anri developed a headache. We couldn’t understand how they could use blinding colors and too many graphics. We think that over-cluttered designs scare away potential customers. Plus, they don’t look that professional. Sometimes, less is more. It’s important to keep sites simple to avoid overwhelming your customers. We spent some time comparing casinos and eventually found that Casumo really nailed it compared to the awful one Anri ran into (seriously, it was embarrassing how ugly it looked).

You just need your product and maybe a little bit of a hook to draw them in. One or two little graphics will do just fine if you feel that you have to have one on your web site. The problem is people have come to believe that everything has to be flashy and overpowering. Overtime, we feel that if every site is over-cluttered, potential customers will not only be scared away, but they would get bored with seeing the same thing over and over again. To us, minimalist sites are like a breath of fresh air to the potential customer. They are will find the site easy on the eyes and not headache-inducing.