Logo Designs

Are you in need of a simple but effective logo for your brand? You have come to the right place.

We at Two-Tone Designs will work with you to produce your ideal logo to help sell your web site to your growing client list. With us, your logos can draw in your potential clients. Our logo designs can look simple and sleek without looking generic. Our most famous logo designs are, of course, simple and effective. What else do you need with us? Our logo designs are about drawing in the customers to the actual product. The biggest mistake that logos make is trying to be too flashy and draw attention away from the web site itself. An eye-catching logo is good, but you don’t want it to overtake the web site itself. Besides, most clients might see a flashy look and think it as amateur and not take a web site too serious. We at Two-Tone Designs keep this in mind when we design your logo. Designing a logo can be easy, but sometimes you need an expect just to go that extra mile to make your logo look even more professional. We let you choose the font, style, and colors of the letters and backgrounds.

Here is a look at all of samples:

  • Simple Black and White
  • Simple Color
  • Simple Patterned
  • Patterns Using Pictures
  • Small Logos
  • Big Logos

You can pick out a default design from our samples or submit your own ideas. Some clients aren’t a fan of the premade designs and want something a little bit different. We are open for discussion of what you would like to see with the finished product. Tell us what you want and we will design it to fit your vision via e-mail. Do you want to use an image in your logo? Submit the picture or your choice. Want some blue in your logo? We will happily make your logo any shade of blue that you are thrilled to use. You can even submit type of font you would want to use for your logo. If you aren’t satisfied with the first draft of our logo, you can just send it back and we can redesign it until you are satisfied with the design that you find meets with your approval. We will gladly take our time to with you each step of the way. Our consultations can either be over the phone or via e-mail. We usually take about two to three business days to work on logos.


How much does it cost for a logo design from Two-Tone Designs? Our logos start at $50 for the consultation and from there the price varies depending on complexity and how many drafts the client requires. We like to keep the starter price affordable to help out new startups. Because why would you need the headaches of a hefty price tag when you are starting out with your logo design.